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New classes are offered each week and are uniquely structured around a monthly theme. Whether you are interested in dropping in for a single class or it is your desire to become an elite Chefs Club Member, each class focuses on true culinary techniques where teachers guide their students through original YCA recipes ~ all created exclusively for Young Chefs Academy by our own certified chefs.


Be the intuitive author of your own recipes! "No Recipe Required!" opens the imagination to endless culinary possibilities to explore one-of-a-kind, Young Chefs Academy creations. Will it be an Indian-inspired stir-fry? An Asian-Mexican fusion pasta dish? Or maybe just an out-of-this-world breakfast casserole? No prior experience necessary...just a sense of adventure!



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Scroll down and find the best class for your Young Chef and click "Sign Up" and follow the instructions to get registered.  If you have any difficulties or would like additional information, please call (718) 268-0343 or email us at foresthillsny@youngchefsacademy.com.  

Call us to find out how you can save on weekly classes and take advantage of the many benefits of becoming a Chefs Club Member!

** PLEASE NOTE ** There will be no classes from Wednesday, February 22 thru Sunday, February 26 and Wednesday, April 12 thru Sunday, April 16

Class Type Age Range*  Class Duration Non-Member Member*
KinderCooks Ages 4 - 6
 60 minutes $  /class $  /Month
JuniorChefs Ages 7 - 14  90 minutes $  /class $  /Month
SeniorChefs Ages 14 - 18  90 minutes $  /class $  /Month

Chefs Club Members are automatically enrolled in our exclusive MasterChef program.  Throughout the MasterChef program, students will earn patches for each level of the program completed.  In addition to recognition patches, members will also be on their way to earning the elite YCA MasterChef Jacket.

* Members save on average over $40.00 per month as a Chefs Club Member.
* Memberships may be subject to a one-time registration and/or uniform fee.
* Age range for class types is used as an initial guide for class placement however age may vary within classes based on experience, skill, or other unrelated factors.
* Classes are scheduled based on interest and availability and are subject to rescheduling or cancellation due to low enrollment and/or participation.